Riché café reopens in Richmond

Riché café Richmond

Otto Fine Food and Coffee on Bridge Road in Richmond, Victoria, has officially reopened following Melbourne’s prolonged lockdown, with a new name and focus as Asian-inspired eatery and café Riché.

Co-owners Alger Liu and Allen Goh hope that Riché can help revitalise the ‘struggling’ shopping strip.

They saw the business’s slower days caused by COVID-19 as an opportunity to rethink their position and “launch a more location and demographic-specific brand and offering” to suit the needs and tastes of Richmond locals.

The name ‘Riché’ is not only a tribute to the café’s location, but a reference to the richness that Alger and Allen hope the venue contributes to Melbourne’s food and beverage culture.

Whilst still serving typical brunch fare like chilli scramble or corn and zucchini fritters, Riché features restaurant-style dishes with strong Thai and Chinese influences from Head Chef, Thawat ‘Oat’ Prommachan, formerly of Terminus Hotel among other venues

Coffee remains an integral part of Riché and the team serving Padre Coffee’s Daddy’s Girl as the house blend, as well as rotating single origin and filter blends. Food and coffee can be enjoyed in the café’s outdoor dining area under newly installed umbrellas.

Despite the challenges Melbourne has had to recently overcome, Alger is confident in the love Melbournians have for food and for dining out.

“I think hospitality [will] not only recover, but will boom harder than anyone has seen [since] it was taken away during lockdown. We believe Melbournians will appreciate the liberty of being able to dine out more than ever. After all, we live in the food capital of Australia,” he says.

Boasting an elevated offering with a creative flare, Riché hopes to be a revitalising force in rebuilding not only Bridge Road, but also Melbourne’s wider food and dining culture. After all, with a unique, memorable menu, a photogenic venue and a commitment to quality, Riché has all the makings of an unmissable Melbourne mainstay.

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