Rich’s Café Whip

Rich's Café Whip

Made with coconut milk, Rich’s Café Whip is a new vegan and dairy alternative whipped topping that Rich’s says beverage consumers have been craving. The product has a light and creamy texture with vanilla and dairy notes as well as a hint of coconut.

This plant-based whipped topping is perfect for foodservice businesses to respond to demands of dairy avoiders and health benefit seekers. Rich’s Café Whip also makes light work for foodservice businesses with different product application methods – used in cream whipper with just three simple steps pour, shake, and serve; used in its liquid state for blended or layered beverages; spiced up with season by adding flavours and syrups; and scooped out and used frozen.

Easily build a better beverage program by topping off coffee and cold brew, mouth-watering milkshakes, indulgent ice cream, sensational smoothies and more with Rich’s Café Whip.

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