Ride the Aurelia Wave with Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave

The new Aurelia Wave from Nuova Simonelli is packed with innovative features to maximise the potential of coffee and highlight different flavours.

Most surfers strive to a ride a breaking barrel, the hollow part of a wave that curves around them. Inspired by the waves of the ocean, the new Aurelia Wave espresso machine from Italian manufacturer Nuova Simonelli mirrors the same hollow look in its side and back panels. 

“The machine went from a traditional square block to a completely rounded machine. It’s a completely new design for us. It makes for a nicer effect on a counter,” says Lauro Fioretti, Project Manager of Simonelli Group. 

Apart from its design, the Aurelia Wave features five new functions including Smart Water Technology, eco-sustainability, digital interface, ergonomics, and Pulse Jet technology. 

One of the biggest focuses when constructing the Aurelia Wave was controlling its energy consumption. Lauro says it was key to study the machine’s lifecycle and evaluate how to reduce its carbon emissions. 

“For the first time we’ve been investing in studying the life of a coffee machine, starting from the material that we used to build the machine, to the assembly line, and examining the machine’s use in coffee shops across the globe,” Lauro says. 

“We began calculating the total footprint of the machine until its end. The results showed that more than 90 per cent of carbon dioxide is produced during the espresso machine’s life in the coffee shop. To combat this, we’ve tried to reduce as much energy as possible.” 

The Aurelia Wave conserves energy during slow hours of the day along with its temperature control system. The energy savings are made with a combination of elements: new materials, new project techniques including fine element method and computational fluid dynamics, which are used in computer simulations and algorisms in the automation, train and ship sectors, new insolation systems, and more accurate electronic controls. The temperature control system is based on the super accurate T3 technology the Simonelli Group developed and has used in the World Barista Championship since 2013.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave
The new Aurelia Wave has changed its design from a square block to rounded sides.

“We work every day on several projects to reduce energy emissions further,” Lauro says.

As part of its new updated technology, the Aurelia Wave features the Espresso Management System, a new remote-control interface that enables baristas to view hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly statistics and compare them to find the best practices. 

“The Espresso Management System will aid baristas to have full control over its performance, report critical issues, and monitor and improve quality and consumption,” Lauro says. 

The interface displays multiple pre-set scenarios to change extraction settings, which act on the main parameters including volume and temperature of the boiler, group boilers, and group heads that adapt to various coffees.   

“Everything is done using a touchscreen, making it user friendly. Baristas will have full control over all the steps of extraction, preparation, dispensing, and cleaning,” Lauro says. 

“Baristas and café owners have their own access to the machine via profiles on the touch pad. It’s incredibly easy to use. Baristas can click on icons and slide from one menu to another.” 

Lauro says the Aurelia Wave is one of the most ergonomic machines Nuova Simonelli has created, featuring milk lights and a new auto-purge system. 

“According to the placement of the machine, if it’s in a dimly lit area baristas can electronically adjust the intensity of the lighting,” Lauro says. “The light sensor on the wands is activated when baristas pull the steam lever. The lighting is only activated when needed. It stays on for 10 seconds when steaming milk to conserve energy.” 

With its new auto-purge system, the cleansing of the shower heads happens automatically when unplugging the filter holder. 

André Eiermann, Nuova Simonelli Ambassador, says the auto-purge system is his favourite feature on the Aurelia Wave and is sure baristas will feel the same. 

“You might ask yourself why nobody else invented an auto-purge system decades ago,” André says. 

“When the barista takes out the portafilter of the group head, the machine will flush automatically with the right amount of water. This new feature helps speed up workflow and enables baristas to save costs and become environmentally friendly.” 

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave
Simonelli Group Project Manager Lauro Fioretti oversaw the design of the new Aurelia Wave.

Thanks to Nuova Simonelli’s Smart Water Technology, the Aurelia Wave is able to detect essential parameters of inlet water, warning the barista of any variations on pH level and total dissolved solids. 

“Water is the main solvent in coffee. Having clearer water can produce better coffee. It enhances the aroma, flavour, and acidity and is becoming more important,” Lauro says.

“The Smart Water Technology will protect the machine, providing it with a longer life, lower maintenance, and purchase costs of [water] filter cartridges, and improves the quality of coffee.” 

Using the Smart Water system enables baristas to easily address issues associated with poor water quality. If water quality parameters are outside the expected value range, the electronic system will alert baristas through the Espresso Management System.  

The latest innovation incorporated in the Aurelia Wave is its Pulse Jet technology, designed to optimise the flow rate and water pressure during the dispensing phase. 

“Pulse Jet technology is a unique feature that explores new flavours inside the coffee where baristas can create different extraction profiles,” Lauro says. 

“From pulsing water onto the coffee powder, the powder expands giving better water percolation. The Pulse Jet technology then splits the extraction into three phases: pre-infusion, the infusion, and post-infusion.” 

For each of the three phases, baristas can define the frequency of the pulses to be applied. 

“Pulse Jet technology can highlight fruity and floral notes and enhance the cup profile. This way baristas can reduce the bitterness in the aftertaste or increase the body and give it more sweetness,” Lauro says. 

André says the Aurelia Wave meets the current demands that baristas are asking for.  

“A few years ago, the Nuova Simonelli team reached out to baristas to understand their needs. Baristas today are looking for a reliable machine, that delivers consistently high-quality beverages that are fun to use – even during peak hours,” André says. 

“With its integrated new features, the Aurelia Wave meets those expectations, especially with the Espresso Management System, which helps increase a café’s profitability. Nobody will complain to have some extra money in their pockets.” 

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