Riverina Fresh announced as Australia’s Richest Barista sponsor

Riverina Fresh

Dairy specialist Riverina Fresh will join the Australia’s Richest Barista competition as a sponsor once again in 2024.

The competition, taking place at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo from 12 to 14 May, consists of three knockout-style rounds, with competitors battling it out for their share of a $40,000 prize pool.

“As a proud 100 per cent Australian owned company, we’re honoured to sponsor the 2024 Australia’s Richest Barista competition, which fosters excellence and innovation in our coffee community,” says Riverina Fresh Executive Chairman and CEO Craig Shapiro.

This year will mark the second ever Australia’s Richest Barista competition, with Jibbi Little winning the inaugural competition at MICE in 2023 and taking home the $25,000 prize for the winner.

Riverina Fresh’s milk will be showcased during the competition’s first two rounds.

In the first round, baristas will create six drinks in 10 minutes: two espressos, two milk-based drinks, and two signature beverages. Competitors will use Riverina Fresh’s products when creating each of their milk-based drinks.

The second round will have competitors showcase their latte art skills by once again making six drinks in just 10 minutes. Each barista will use Riverina Fresh’s milk to ensure each design is up to the highest quality for the panel of judges.

“Our sponsorship of the 2024 Australia’s Richest Barista Competition reflects our belief in investing in the future of the Australian coffee industry,” Craig says.

“It provides a great opportunity for baristas to showcase their skills on a national stage.”

For more information, visit riverinafresh.com.au

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