Riverina Fresh Full Cream Milk

Riverina Fresh Full Cream

Riverina Fresh milks have a leading reputation across the specialty coffee industry for their quality, functional performance, and consistency. It aims to provide their partners with the best coffee experience with their consistently great milk.

Riverina Fresh’s reputation as a leading milk for specialty coffee has been built from years of developing an understanding of both the science and the art of delivering quality milk for coffee. It understands the key role of milk composition, the importance of on-farm practices, and the many other factors that influence the functionality of fresh milk with coffee.

Riverina Fresh Full Cream consistently delivers on taste, texture and functionality. It has a smooth, full-bodied flavour, delicious taste and exceptional mouthfeel that make it the milk of choice for many of Australia’s leading baristas and roasters. It was the official milk for the 2020 World Barista Championships.

It delivers a rich mouth feel and creamy flavour, complementing a wide range of coffee blends.

Riverina Fresh produces a range of milks, creams and yoghurts and distributes a full range of leading dairy and non-dairy products to meet café’s needs.

For more information or for a free trial in your café, call 1800 993 081 or visit
www.riverinafresh.com.au *Maximum of 2 mixed crates per store.

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