Roasting Warehouse explains the benefits of partnering with Milklab


Milklab has partnered of Roasting Warehouse for more than five years. In that time, Roasting Warehouse Head of Marketing Alexander Paraskevopoulos says the premium barista milk brand has helped it enhance business.

“[The partnership with Milklab] has allowed us to give additional value to customers and become more than just a coffee company,” says Alexander.

“We have also collaborated on events like the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) and barista competitions, which we look forward to doing more in the future.”

Alexander says both Milklab and Roasting Warehouse place an emphasis on collaboration, which helps to ensure a harmonious partnership.

“Milklab representatives have the ability to create relationships with cafés and baristas, and they offer ongoing support through their marketing,” he says.

At MICE2023, Roasting Warehouse helped bring Milklab’s exhibitor stand to life by running the Oatstanding Café which featured Roasting Warehouse’s house blend, Evolve, paired with Milklab.

“We love working with Milklab on these events because they allow us to showcase our coffee when paired with various alternative milks, while continually meeting new people in the industry who are of interest to our brand,” Alexander says.

“The almond milk is simply unbeatable and is a customer favourite. It pairs super well with our Evolve blend.”

Alexander says Roasting Warehouse’s continued success in Australia has paved the way to take the brand global.

“We’re opening a new café roastery in the heart of Athens, Greece. It’s gone from a dream to a reality, and we have partnered with the two-time Hellenic barista champion and his wife for our first international location,” Alexander says.

“It’s always been a dream to return to our Greek heritage and create an environment where customers can engage with our passion and philosophy – specialty coffee.”

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