Robot-powered coffee shop opens in San Francisco

A 23-year-old college drop-out has opened a robot-staffed coffee shop in San Francisco, United States.

Henry Hu has created Café X, where customers will order there coffee via an app and have their beverages made by WMF super automatic coffee machines and delivered by robotic arm, all overseen by a single on-site coffee expert.

Café X opened at the end of January and is backed by US$5 million in venture capital funding.

Henry claims the robots will be able to make 100 to 120 coffees per hour, depending on the complexity of the order, with customers able to customise their drink order via the ordering app.

The ordering can either be done on a customer’s smartphone or through a tablet on-site and will mean fewer mistaken orders in the future, the company says.

The efficiency of this approach will also keep the cost of the coffee down to between $2 and $3, Henry says.

The US Café X is actually the second of its kind in the world, after Henry opened the first location in Hong Kong at the beginning of the year.

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