Giving Perth a taste of freshly roasted beans each day, Rocketfuel is a one-stop shop for coffee needs.

Aiming to raise the bar and do something out of the ordinary, Owner and Manager Brett Titchener has established a unique complex that consists of a drive-thru coffee outlet, front shop and roastery.

Conveniently located on the stirling Highway, the shop has been open since 2003 and is pumping out coffees as fast as traffic flies by. “What makes us unique is we produce convenient, quick service with a quality experience – and it’s made with love,” Brett says.

Catering for 140 kilograms of coffee a week, Rocketfuel uses 35 South Coffee Roasters coffee, “We have in the past sold freshly roasted beans straight from the cooling bin on the roaster to the customer waiting in their car in the drive thru. You don’t get fresher than that.”

Offering 12 different single origins, the Rocketfuel house blend is a ‘secret combination of three origins’, that Brett says is “fairly sweet but designed to have a little kick at the end”. This coffee stands out as an espresso but Brett says it’s exactly what customers are looking for in milk-based coffees aswell. A variety of single origins are available and rotated constantly, including a fairtrade, organic from Nepal, which Brett describes as having a “nicely balanced flavour with caramel notes” and a fully washed Indian Attikhan. “A lot of roasters don’t think the Indian beans brew well, and that may be true, but in milk it shines,” Brett says.

There’s no time for dine-in food at Rocketfuel but simple offerings such as muffins are a winning treat with this café.

Brett says they might always be busy, but the buzzing vibe is what he loves about the place. “The industry is always changing and challenging,” he says. “Coffee is such a fragile little thing and it’s hard to get it right all the time, but I love working with the team to raise the bar and always taking it to another level.”

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