San Antonio’s

San Antonio’s Pizzeria Manager John Navarro has been perfecting the art of coffee making and pizza tossing for the past six years. John says there’s no better combination than enjoying one of their gourmet house-made pizzas with a Mocopan Coffee.

“Our customers get the best of both worlds,” says John. “I love coffee and I want to show our customers why I’m one of the best baristas in the area. For me, one of the best parts of the job is getting to kick start people’s day with a delicious coffee.”

San Antonio’s serves Mocopan Coffee’s Pasquale blend with beans from India, Colombia, and Papua New Guinea. This award-winning blend is great for black and milk-based coffees. It has a rich crema, full-bodied flavour, chocolate and caramel notes, and a sweet spicy aroma.

In the summer months, San Antonio’s offers iced coffee with homemade vanilla ice cream, and a single shot of Mocopan Coffee’s Pasquale blend.

“When we first met the Mocopan team they assisted us with the necessary equipment and skills to get started. They also take pride in helping us understand how to clean and operate our machinery.  Most importantly, our customers love their fresh coffee,” says John.
San Antonio’s is located next to a large sporting oval and is frequented by baseball spectators and caffeine-craving drivers off the main road. “We do lots of take away orders, not only for our pizza, but sometimes people ring us up for a coffee order,” says John.

Unlike other businesses in the area, San Antonio’s stays open until midnight each night, providing the perfect late-night feast. A range of mouth-watering gourmet pizzas are available, including seafood, marinated lamb, chicken, and traditional pizza flavours. “Judging by the amount of customers we serve and the quantity of coffee we go though, I have a feeling we’ll be here for while yet,” says John.

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