Sanduba Sandwich & Coffee Co

For Sydney’s CBD workers, picking up both a healthy lunch and a quality coffee-to-go, can often be a challenge. Thankfully, Sanduba Sandwich & Coffee Co is a café that offers the grab-and-go solution.’

Sanduba supplies a range of freshly made, conveniently packaged, breakfast and lunch options for customers to take with their takeaway coffees. Co-Owner Cameron Sim says customers often refer to Sanduba as the “Pret a Manger of Australia”. “Almost everything is made on the premises. We use fresh, organic produce purchased from the Sydney Market,” says Cameron. “We also source a lot of our fruit and vegetables direct from a local farm supplier.”

Sanduba uses independent suppliers to provide high-end local produce, including freshly baked bread from the Organic Republic Bakery, or hand-crafted chutneys from Handslane.

For those in need of a healthy, energy-packed breakfast, try the organic oat porridge. It is slow-cooked and topped with banana, honey, syrup, or fruit compote. For the worker stopping in on their lunch break, Sanduba sells a variety of fresh salads with homemade dressings.

“Our free-range chicken, avocado, and basil Sabduba sandwich served on multigrain is a favourite,” says Cameron. “The chicken is marinated in lemon juice and olive oil, then oven-roasted.”

While providing great food is important, Cameron says Sanduba’s coffee offering has to be just as strong to meet the discerning tastes of their city customers.

“We wanted to make sure our coffees were just as delicious as our food, so we did several tastings before deciding on the right blend. We chose Mocopan Coffee’s Allegria Blend, both for the flavour and because it is Rainforest Alliance Certified, which is in line with the way we like to do business,” says Cameron.

Sometimes referred to as “the ultimate urban blend”, Mocopan’s Allegria is full-bodied with a smooth taste that features notes of ripe fruit, dark chocolate, and finishes with a spicy zing. Sanduba’s barista’s use a Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II, the same model used in this  year’s World Barista Championship.

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