Sanremo debuts D8 espresso machine


Sanremo is shaking up the café scene with its new single-boiler coffee machine, which will be making its Australian debut at MICE2024.

Italian manufacturer Sanremo is known for its high-performance products that often look more like Formula 1 engines than coffee machines, and its latest release is no different. However, those who peek under the hood of the D8’s slick exterior might be surprised to find only a single boiler.

The multi-boiler machine has become the pinnacle of producing consistently high-quality espresso, yet the advanced machinery usually comes with an premium price tag. The team at Sanremo gave themselves the challenge of creating a product that could deliver the performance of a multi-boiler machine at an affordable price – their solution was to create a ‘hybrid’.

“We did a lot of research following COVID-19 and saw a gap in the market for a competitively priced machine that had the functionality of a high-end model,” says Sanremo Engineer Andrea Zamprogno.

Inspiration for the engineering team came from their flagship Café Racer machine, which they sought to streamline while still retaining its innovative technology and iconic design.

“We’ve put the DNA of our Café Racer into the D8, however, we’re also aware many baristas need simplicity over complexity. The Australian café industry is still navigating the impacts of COVID-19 and the cost-of-living crisis, so we’re confident it’s the right time to introduce a premium entry-level machine,” says Alessandro Calabrisello, General Manager of Sanremo Australia.

“For 15 years, we’ve been laser-focused on creating a strong community that wants to push the coffee experience to the next level. To make this happen, the high-end segment has always been our aim, but we are now excited to bring these innovations to a wider market of users.”

While the team describe the machine as “premium entry level”, they believe the D8 more than delivers in functionality. Its headline features include the ability to control individual group temperatures from just one boiler, which enables users to dial in different coffees side by side.

“The brew groups operate between 90°C and 98°C while the pressure of the steam boiler can be set between 120°C and 126°C without changing the mechanical components,” says Andrea.

“When compared to a traditional heat-exchange machine, the thermal stability of the D8 is greatly improved. Its hybrid functionalities mean baristas can simultaneously have a lower brew temperature and a high steam boiler temperature for maximum milk-steaming performance, all while perfecting the flavour of the coffee,” he says.

The new boiler is made from stainless steel (AISI 316L), the same material Sanremo uses for its Café Racer and F18 multi-boiler machines.

“Stainless steel has multiple benefits,” says Andrea. “It has exceptional corrosion resistance which ensures long-lasting performance, brilliant thermal performance which improves energy efficiency, and the ability to maintain water pH which guarantees maximum flavour in the cup. Ultimately, espresso coffee is 94 per cent water, so this is an important factor.”

Andrea says all these qualities result in a reduced need for maintenance and thus a better return on investment for customers. In fact, he says the D8 was engineered with the technician in mind: “we designed it to be easy for technicians to get inside and perform preventative maintenance tasks”.

A feature of the D8 the team think café owners will particularly benefit from is the Sanremo Internet of Things (IoT) platform. This new technology means all the machine’s parameters can be set via an app.

“The platform will allow users to control the machine remotely. This means they can set the recipe and then review data from the machine over the day to see how it is performing. If the machine tells them the recipe isn’t within its range, they can use the information to decipher whether a certain barista needs training or if the machine requires maintenance,’ says Andrea.

Rather than having a specific target customer in mind, the Sanremo team believe the D8 is the ideal machine for a wide spectrum of setups – from first-time café owners to roasters supplying venues across the country.

“We’ve created a machine that works for all levels of café,” says Alessandro. “For new entrants to the scene, the D8 has all the tools needed to create a successful venue. It’s designed for the cafés Australia is famous for: those that prioritise quality in the cup.”

The machine build is customisable so café owners and roasters can tailor the kit to fit their venue.

“The modular design means the D8 can be built from the ground up. Magnetic side panels and light-emitting diode (LED) lights offer opportunities for customisation, while all panels are removable if the user wants to add custom colours,” says Andrea.

Customer interaction was a key consideration for the design team who, mirroring the Café Racer, opted for a low machine height to ensure the barista could see and chat with customers as they prepared drinks.

“We didn’t want the barista to be hidden behind a wall of steel,” says Andrea.

Available in two models, the D8 and the D8 PRO, the machine will be available in black and white. The D8 PRO has the same features as the D8, but with additional liquid crystal display screen functionalities (including a scheduler, easy navigation, and additional information via display), pro Eco Mode, pro detailing, and LED work lights.

“The D8 Pro is economically scalable to include the features a specialty café demands in order to be competitive. It also enables the user to customise their recipe to achieve perfect shots,” adds Alessandro.

Alessandro and Andrea are excited to launch the new machine at MICE from 12 to 14 May.

“The thing that excites me most about the D8 is the lower barrier of entry for cafés to join the Sanremo ecosystem in Australia,” says Alessandro.

“The design is bold and we think baristas are going to be blown away by its aesthetic and performance. We’ve got some exciting surprises and announcements planned for the launch, so watch this space.”

The D8 and D8 PRO are available to order now. See them in action at MICE on stand I08. For more information, visit

This article appears in the 2024 MICE Showguide. Read more HERE.

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