Santa Claus latte art by Jibbi Little

santa claus latte art

Jibbi Little celebrates the festive season with a Santa Claus latte art pattern you’ll have all year to practise.

For many of us, Christmas is a time for giving, reflection, and sharing what we’re thankful for. Last year may have been difficult for many of us, but I think it’s fair to say we ended it in Australia in a safer and healthier position than many other countries.

Jibbi Little
Jibbi Little of Jibbijug is the 2019 ASCA Pauls Professional Australian Latte Art Champion.

While I know Christmas has been and gone, I thought I’d still use this chance to share a design that’s fun, festive, and challenging. For this edition’s pattern, I’m proud to share with you my take on the jolly old man in red himself, Santa Claus. Practice it for Christmas in July or perfect your pour for the rest of the year. It’s sure to put a smile on your customer’s dial or invite a confused look of wonder and awe. Either way, let’s give it a go together.

Many elements of Santa Claus are iconic, from the thick red suit and big belly to the black belt and boots. But zooming in on his face and profile, there are many features uniquely Santa-esque. In particular, the big bushy beard and stocking cap.

It’s details like these that bring patterns to life, and in this instance, we’ll use not one, not two, but five rosettas in total. Spacing these correctly and understanding how they interact with each other are crucial to perfecting this design.

While the other techniques used are simple on their own – pouring lines and spirals or dropping foam – you’ll again need to have a good idea of how these will look in and impact the final cup. You’ll also need to make sure there is room in the cup for all these elements. You’ll struggle if your canvas is too small.

Scroll through my Instagram at @jibbi.the.littles to watch
me pour this design from start to finish life using oat milk from The Alternative Dairy Co, and for many more inspirational designs to get you thinking creatively.

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Jibbi Little’s Santa Claus

Step 1

Build you base, and with the handle at three o’clock, pour a long rosetta (14 leaves if you can) along the edge of the cup from nine to six o’clock.

Step 2

Pour three shorter, six-leaf rosettas, each connecting to the bottom point of the first one.

Step 3

Slightly higher and to the right of the starting point of the first rosetta, pour a seven-leaf rosetta to the right edge of the cup.

Step 4

In the same movement, pull through along the top edge of the cup until just past your starting point. Drag a small, curved line to connect with the rosetta, forming the hat.

Step 5

Pour a curved line from the second-last leaf of the top rosetta until it’s in line with your middle rosetta from stage 2. Drag through to connect the lines, forming the nose.

Step 6

Pout a small spiral in the centre of the cup, starting from the tip of the rosetta mentioned in step 5.

Step 7

Drop a bit of foam at the back of the cap to form the tassel.

Step 8

Drop a tiny amount of foam for the eye of Saint Nich.

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