Sasa Sestic to present at Specialty Coffee Expo 2019

Sasa Sestic

Ona Coffee and Project Origin Founder Sasa Sestic will speak on processing innovations at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)’s 2019 Specialty Coffee Expo on 13 April in Boston, United States.

In Coffee Processing and the Future of Specialty: How Innovations in Processing Can Change Perceptions of Specialty Coffee, the 2015 World Barista Champion will present his findings from years of experimental planning and processing on coffee farms.

“I am really excited to present at SCA and share details of our experiment,” Sasa says. “In particular, I’m excited to share how we turned an 80-point Catimor [varietal] to score 88 points in three years.”

Sasa’s lecture will also explore the cost of such findings, revealing the challenges and losses faced in the journey to increasing quality, production and sustainability in a commercial environment.

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“I am so thankful to the SCA to have this opportunity to speak with industry leaders from around the globe,” Sasa says.

“This lecture will show how we turned our commercial coffee farm in Nicaragua into a farm that produces coffee of specialty quality. By increasing each lot by an average of six points each, we managed to make this farm more sustainable for workers and managers on farm.”

Given across three days, the SCA will host a series of lectures by various speakers at the Specialty Coffee Expo. Each presenter will give a lecture on issues in and surrounding the specialty coffee industry, under categories including Humanities and Social Sciences, Sustainability, Science and Innovation, Coffee Farming and Processing, Roasting and Retailing and Trading and Commerce.

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