Save time and space on the coffee bar

Save time and space on the coffee bar

Workflow is important to any coffee bar running smoothly and the Puqpress automatic tamper has become a café staple thanks to its automatic tamping streamlining the process, saving time and space. The launch of under-grinder tampers made it even faster and easier, with the latest Puqpress M3 reaching new leave of precision and optimisation.

“The vertical workflow of the PuqPress M3 offers ultimate integration between grinding and tamping in one compact design,” says Brett Bolwell, CEo of Barista Technology Australia.

“Upon its arrival to the professional and artisan coffee scene, it wasn’t just the five to 30 kilos of tamping pressure that helped the Puqpress make its big impression; although that does directly contribute to how it locks in quality coffee flavours.”

Where automation might otherwise have been viewed with a degree of scepticism by craft-persons, Brett says the Puqpress’ unparalleled engineering and intuitive design was readily welcomed by baristas for the consistency of its precise and level, non-stick tamping, which focused on optimal flavour extraction.

“Puqpress tamps with more consistency than our staff which means we don’t have to attempt to match each other and can interchange roles with ease,” says M. Allison of Bunker Coffee.

Baristas can ensure a greater degree of consistency from their recipes, and all without suffering the very real damage to shoulders and wrists that can come from the repetitive tamping by hand, several hundred times a day.

“It tamps incredibly even with the same pressure all day long. A wonderful tool for baristas,” says Klaus Thomsen of Coffee Collective.

Given the standards of precision within the coffee industry, Brett says professionals can be very particular about their equipment, going to great lengths to ensure the right machine for the right job.

“These machines being so specialised for their specific roles, compatibility is a rare thing indeed,” he says.

The Puqpress M3 automatic tamper is designed to integrate seamlessly with the highly popular E65S and E65 GBW grinders from Mahlkonig.

Their concept of vertical integration is a lean one in every sense: not just minimising workstation surface area but also accelerating workflow,” Brett says.

“This affords baristas freedom between tasks and ensures the exquisite precision of a Mahlkonig grind is almost instantly sealed within the Puqpress’ automated tamping – ensuring optimal quality coffee flavour from a grind, and consistent extraction of that flavour, every time.”

He adds the addition of a Puqpress M3 eschews any compromise in struggling to accommodate highly individualistic devices and instead integrates seamlessly to complement and accelerate the extraction process.

“It’s heartening to see Puqpress’ commitment to coffee quality with this innovative integration providing such outstanding results,” Brett says.

“We look forward to seeing what they’ll develop in the future and continue in the meantime to enjoy the benefits of their M3 automatic tamper.”

For more information about the Puqpress M3 click here, and Mahlkonig grinders here or get in touch with Barist Technology Australia here.

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