Sayer’s Sister

Mark and Steph Sayers have a new little sister in the heart of Northbridge in WA.

After the couple opened Sayers Food Leederville in 2006, they waited for the right time and location before opening Sayers Sister in August 2012.
“Sayers Sister has gone off with a time bomb,” says Owner Mark. “Six years ago I didn’t realise [coffee] would turn into something so huge. [This industry] is about trying to incorporate completeness and an understanding of coffee as well.”

Mark and his wife Steph have taken an involved approach to their coffee business, travelling around the world to coffee origins, going direct to farmers for their produce and even planting coffee trees in Bali.

“We are very passionate about what we do and there’s a passion in us delivering that as well,” says Mark.

The café is driven towards a mixed crowd and teaching the next generation to appreciate coffee. “We think cafés are a modern-day community centre and a good meeting place that supplies good coffee and food,” says Mark. “We’re trying to inspire young people to be more passionate about coffee – and many already are and that’s full of encouragement.”

The café interior takes a recycled approach with reused timbers and images of Mark’s coffee travels displayed on the walls. “We want people to see what we do and why we do it,” Mark says.

Sayer's Sister aims to push unique and one- off coffee offerings to its WA customers using Five Senses Coffee. The houseblend is a combination of Brazil Santo Antonio, Balinese Kintamani and Indian Attikan Estate.

Single origins are also available and change frequently.

“Coffee brings a whole sense of well- being. You build a product, and sell it to the best of your ability,” says Mark.

Food is also important to accompany good quality coffee at Sayers Sister. Gnocchi with sweet corn, zucchini and preserved lemon is a house favourite.

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