SCA announces Green Coffee Summit


Taking place from 25 to 26 August, the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) is hosting a free summit, in both English and Spanish, designed to increase accessibility of market data, providing green coffee buyers and sellers with independent, reliable information about consumer trends.

The event will feature panel discussions, lectures, and informational videos to offer insight into a different speciality coffee markets and regional consumption trends.

“Coffee markets are increasingly diverse and dynamic, and the launch of Green Coffee Summit represents another exciting opportunity for us to listen to the industry’s needs and respond in kind,” says Yannis Apostolopoulos, CEO of the SCA.

Seeking to provide “actionable information” the Green Coffee Summit will have in-depth analysis of topics such as supply chain structures, green seller risk management, and recent changes to the finance and logic sectors.

SCA says the Green Coffee Summit website will also double as a resource platform, offering anyone relevant information in varied formats from long-form writing and videos to lectures and podcasts.

The website is expected to be continuously updated to reflect latest region changes.

“Green coffee buyers and sellers need independent, neutral information about consumer markets, and we’re pleased to announce the creation of a platform that centralises up-to-date, credible data, and to facilitate discourse on key topics,” says Yannis.

SCA is a member-based trade association that is built on openness, inclusivity and the power of shared knowledge. With a goal to foster coffee communities across the globe, the brand seeks to make the coffee industry more sustainable, equitable, and increase activity across the whole value chain.

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