Schibello Caffe acquire two Australian roasters

Schibello Caffe has completed its dual acquisition to acquire the business and intellectual property assets of Cleanskin Coffee Co and Artecaffe Coffee Roasters.

The Schinella and Sorbello families behind the NSW coffee company are hoping the acquisition will enable them to establish a foothold in the Brisbane and Sydney specialty market.

Cleanskin is a café and roastery located just north of Queensland’s capital and Artecaffe is a roastery run by the Manassen brothers on Sydney’s north shore.

Schibello said the purchase would increase its annual roasting production by 50 per cent to 728,00 kilograms.

“Cleanskin Coffee Co complements and extends the company’s existing market penetration by providing the group with a specialist coffee brand to grow scale in the ever increasing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Northern NSW regions,” said Schibello’s CEO Ross Schinella. “Artecaffe adds to the strength of the specialty market in NSW and both acquisitions allow Schibello to stay in a position ahead of our competitors in an ever changing and dynamic industry.”

Benchmark Corporation’s Emil Parthenides is responsible for brokering the acquisition.

Emil revealed that he personally has three other prominent roasters under contract to settle by midyear 2016.

Image: this image belongs to Schibello Caffe

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