Senzani releases 0mnia customisable cartoning machine


Italian packaging machine manufacturer, Senzani Brevetti has released 0mnia: a customisable carton packing machine that is able to pack a range of carton formats with any type of coffee capsule from Nespresso, Caffitaly, K-cup, A modo mio, Lavazza blu, and Vertuo.

Designed as an “all in one machine” to support packers and coffee roasters, 0mnia is a form-and-fill cartoning machine that can pack capsules from flat blank in any configuration, and into any type of carton. Senzani Brevetti says 0mnia represents a new generation of automatic coffee capsules packaging machines.

Options include single or multilayer, with or without honeycomb sheet, with or without interlayer sheet, in two by two configuration, in flip-top closure carton, in a “standing”, alternated or nested capsule configuration, packaged in a tube, or in three by three or four by four box.

With Senzani exporting more than 85 per cent of its products across the globe, it is consistently investing into research and development (R&D) to meet market needs.

One such R&D achievement is 0mnia’s special system for aluminium handling that ensures aluminium-made pods are handled with greater care. With aluminium-made capsules rising in popularity as an alternative to plastic, greater care is necessary to ensure quality is maintained.

0mnia can also custom make the most complex requests and configurations based on packing, performance, dimensions, and according to capsule formats.

Able to pack up to 80 cartons a minute, the 0mnia can boost an inspeed of up to 800 capsules per minute and has a quick and intuitive colour coding system ensuring that carton format changing is efficient.

Taking up 1.6 by 3.9 metres in size, 0mnia is a compact machine, suitable for production plants with limited space. Senzani provides solutions for both cartoning of odd capsules and for end of line packaging, making it an ideal copacker, regardless of the type of capsule or how it is to be packed.

Senzani relies on a team of designers for developing the solutions based on customer needs and custom tailors each machine to meet production targets or marketing and sales needs.

In the coffee sector, Senzani offers a wide range of solutions in the capsule handling and packaging market, including vertical cartoners, top-load cartoners, and case packers that can offer side-load or wrap-around abilities.

Senzani Brevetti was created by Iro Senzani in 1953 and it is run today by the family’s third generation. The company manufactures primary and secondary packaging machinery and technology as well as end of line solutions and entire lines.

Working across various industries from food and tobacco to pet food and home care, the company has installed over 2000 machines worldwide for companies such as Nestlé, Barilla, Mondelez, Unilever, and Mars.

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