Seven Miles celebrates 50th anniversary with roastery tour

Seven miles telemetry

On 20 October, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a tour of its Manly Vale roastery.

From 9am to 12pm, Seven Miles will open its doors to locals, giving them a look at what goes into creating its coffee.

The half-hourly behind-the-scenes tours will feature coffee tastings of different blends and styles of coffee.

The event will include free coffeeand food, as well as goodie bags for the first 200 visitors. The bag includes a limited edition 50th Anniversary blend that is exclusively available at the event.

One visitor will also win free coffee from Seven Miles espresso window for an entire year.

Seven miles began in 1968, when Ian Bersten first opened the doors to Belaroma Coffee in the Sydney suburb of Roseville.

Belaroma cafés started opening across the north of Sydney and the business began supplying other cafés in the area.

By the late ’70s, Belaroma had outgrown its Roseville location, and moved its coffee roasting to the current location in Kenneth Rd, Manly Vale. From this new base, the wholesale business continued to spread throughout the ’80s and ’90s.

In the early 2000s, Belaroma changed hands. As Ian moved on, Andy Simpkin stepped in to take Belaroma on the next chapter of its journey.

With additional roasting facilities opening in Brisbane and Canberra, and local support offices in Newcastle, Southern Highlands and the Gold Coast, the business not only expanded in location, but also in the range of coffee brands to suit the needs of the increasingly competitive café sector.

In 2016, the business made the transition from Belaroma to Seven Miles, a name that it says reflects both the range of its coffee brands and its location, seven miles from Sydney.


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