Seven Miles Coffee Company announces expansion


Australian owned and run coffee group Seven Miles Coffee Company (7MCC) has announced the next stage of its expansion, adding Coffeesmith and Coffee Next to complete its end-to-end coffee solution.

The move follows the acquisition of Padre Coffee earlier this year, which joined Seven Miles Coffee Roasters and coffee equipment business Australian Beverage Corporation (ABC), to work under the umbrella of the newly formed 7MCC.

Jenny Willits, CEO of 7MCC, says Coffeesmith will specialise in direct technical services, national rollouts, tailored maintenance programs, and analytics.

“During the past year, Seven Miles has expanded with a simple aim in mind, to build an Australian-owned, Australia-run coffee supply group with a comprehensive offering. The scale of this new total coffee solution enables sustained business growth by servicing a much broader range of industries, while continuing to focus on excellence in product and service for our customers,” Jenny says.

“By providing bespoke coffee packages, our customers can choose to access all our capabilities, or just the one, and each solution will be tailored to meet their needs.”

Operating as a pivotal Centre of Excellence, Coffee Next will offer services and insights to the entire 7MCC portfolio, representing the next stage of the existing Coffee Science and Education Centre, but with a much broader capability.

Coffee Next’s team of scientists and industry experts will provide next-generation innovation, research and development, barista training and sustainability solutions to future-proof Australia’s coffee industry.

Following the expansion, Jenny says 7MCC remains committed to its purpose in the passionate pursuit of exceptional coffee.

“It’s a value proposition we will not compromise and is firmly embedded in our DNA. We are excited about the future of coffee in Australia,” she says.

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