Seven Miles Coffee Roasters The Cat’s Pyjamas

Seven Miles

Rich, luxurious, and surprising, The Cat’s Pyjamas from Seven Miles Coffee Roasters is made for espresso – on its own or with milk. 

Two blends are available, including the original Cat’s Pyjamas blend called Mice Will Play, which is exclusive to and roasted in Brisbane, and the other, a new blend roasted at Seven Miles’ Manly Vale Roastery, and available throughout Australia.

The Mice Will Play blend contains overtones of dark chocolate, using natural processed beans from Brazil and Ethiopian, and Sumatran beans for a creamy body and sweet spice notes.

The national blend features high-grown Colombian and Costa Rican coffees that deliver a maple syrup-like sweetness, while the spicy allure of a wet-hulled Sumatran coffee adds an indulgent finish. The Cat’s Pyjamas blends are available now for retail and wholesale in one-kilogram and 250-gram packs. 

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