Share your coffee knowledge in the October edition of BeanScene magazine


Training and Education has taken on a whole new dimension as the hospitality industry recovers from the global pandemic. Staff shortages continue and cafe operators are left with the challenge of constantly training new staff. But how can you do that quickly, cost efficiently, and while maintaining the quality output your customers expect?

In addition, with a newfound appreciation to try new skills and push the boundaries, a new wave of roasting talent is emerging with the next generation eager to get behind the roaster and develop their technical and sensory skills.

There’s a whole new appreciation for education, and BeanScene wants to celebrate what it means to you!

BeanScene invites all companies to share their focus on coffee training and education, whether it be in-person or virtual barista classes, Q grading opportunities, roasting courses, business management, or the very products your coffee shop operators should be embracing to help staff training run fast & efficiently.

Don’t miss the opportunity to share with our readers how your business is embracing training, education, and coffee knowledge within the industry.

Expressions of interest will close on 08 September 2022. To secure your place, please contact Courtney Walker at

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