Simonelli Group wins 2021 Italian Industrial Excellence Award


Simonelli Group has won the 2021 Italian Industrial Excellence Award, which recognises excellence in the industrial and service sectors.

The company was a finalist of the European Edition along with businesses such as Henkel, Nobilia, and TMG Automotive.

During the event, held on 27 January, Simonelli Group presented to judges how the company develops and innovates its operational strategies and how it has utilised digitalisation to transform the value chain.

SDA Bocconi School of Management, an academic partner of the Industrial Excellence Award since 2016, selected Simonelli Group as the best match to represent Italian entrepreneurial culture.

“The Industrial Excellence Award is a great initiative for those companies and managers that never sit still and do not pursue the status quo,” says Francesco Gallmann, Senior Lecturer of the Production and Technology Unit of the SDA Bocconi and academic co-director of the Italian award.

“Simonelli Group is a great example; a productive process keenly customer-oriented and extremely flexible, able to quickly respond to any question, even during the pandemic, in which the company presented a series of improvements in energy consumption, CO2 emissions, quality, flexibility, and digitalisation of its products and services.”

At the end of the event participants positively commented on Simonelli Group, pointing out its great reality and how it can hear out and grasp the market’s demands and strongly contribute to the coffee industry’s growth.

“Confronting ourselves with multinational businesses is a great inspiration for us and provides us with excellent advice on how to improve ourselves under different points of view,” says Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group.

“We are proud to have won the Italian award and have been one of the four European finalists together with the big players in the chemical industry, interior design, and automotive business.

“An important acknowledgment for all the work and results obtained so far goes to the entire Simonelli Group team.”

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