Simply Beans discusses how the Tempesta has helped the business grow


Queensland roaster Simply Beans discusses how the Barista Attitude Tempesta multi-boiler has helped the business grow and expand its offerings.

It’s important for businesses to be observant of market trends and capitalise on opportunities that offer growth, especially in the coffee world.

Simply Beans knows this well. The Queensland-based roasting company started in 2009 out of the garage of Founder Giuseppe ‘Joe’ Anapo, where success came quickly which prompted the company to consider expanding their services.

“We were roasting strictly for wholesale,” Giuseppe says. “We had to strike while the iron was hot, and so we went into retail right away.”

By 2012, Simply Beans had moved its wholesale and retail operations into a factory, and opened an espresso bar to showcase its range to the public.

“We wanted to offer an experience that shows there’s more out there than just café blends,” Giuseppe says. “As we got bigger and bigger in the retail shop, we were certainly getting different clientele that wanted that unique coffee experience.”

When searching for a complementary coffee machine, Giuseppe looked for a workhorse that could best match the demand the espresso bar was seeing.

After researching online, he found the Tempesta mutli-boiler machine from Barista Attitude, distributed through Australian distributor Coffee Works Express (CWE). It didn’t take long for this machine to impress Simply Beans’ staff, who took a liking to its features and design.

The Tempesta multi-boiler machine is the World Barista Championship Qualified Espresso Machine until 2025.

The machine was designed to enhance the user experience and put the barista in the spotlight.

Giuseppe says the Tempesta does just that, and has helped increase quality of coffee and enhanced its flavour profile.

“The fruitiness that comes out during the extraction is like nothing I’ve seen,” he says.

“We’ve told our customers that there is a huge difference in quality, and they’re starting to notice too. Once we find the right taste, we tend to just stay with it.”

The Tempesta’s touchscreen interface is easy to navigate and gives the barista the power to control the brewing of the coffee with displays on each group head monitoring performance and extraction data in real-time. This includes information and adjustability on pre-infusion, pressure, flow and brewing and water temperature, extraction time, and the profile for each group.

With the multi-boiler system, the operator can control pre-infusion and individual temperature settings on each group, to be changed with a precision of +/- 0.5.

Giuseppe adds the compact nature of the machine allows two baristas to use it at once without getting in each other’s way.

Even with Tempesta’s long steam arms, baristas can easily adjust the wand’s position and control the speed of steam via a lever for preferred consistency and texture. Its Super Dry technology without the need for additional water also helps optimise the texturing of dairy and dairy-alternative options.

And it’s not just the quality output that customers are noticing.

“How it looks is a real wow factor,” Giuseppe says. “It looks polished and finessed at all times.”

Giuseppe says Simply Beans remains committed to the Tempesta due to its quality and the service machine distributor CWE provides.

“CWE is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to us wanting feedback, information, and support,” he says. “I can ring anyone anytime for help.”

CWE supports its customers with training on installation of machines, and can provide further on-the-job assistance through direct conversations and via digital communication of pictures and diagrams to better illustrate how each machine works.

“I’m not a tech-savvy person. I prefer to get on the phone, and CWE are just marvellous with that,” says Giuseppe.

Giuseppe credits the team at CWE and the Tempesta and for allowing Simply Beans to grow into the business it is today.

“[The Tempesta] really stands true, and that’s why we love it so much,” Giuseppe says. “When you’re on a good thing, you just stick with it.”

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