Single O releases festive clarified milk cocktail

Sydney coffee roaster Single O has teamed up with PS40 to develop the Bottoms Up clarified milk punch cocktail.

The transparent beverage uses Single O’s seasonal coffee blend, Sugarplum, along with bourbon, spices, and milk.

“We wanted to make a festive cocktail that showcased our seasonal blend Sugarplum and craft something unexpected and exciting. We steered well clear of an espresso martini as we wanted to push people to think of coffee-based cocktails beyond this ubiquitous format,” Single O Retail Manager Angus Lindsay says.

Single O says despite being an “old school method”, it’s only now that the popularity of clarified milk punch is on the rise.

It adds while drinkers wouldn’t know the see-through beverage is dairy based on sight, there’s a hint in the taste. The milk lends an unexpected silky texture to the drink. Filtering out the curds ensures a lightness not often associated with dairy.

“With the addition of cold brew and bourbon, the clarified milk acts as a crisp backdrop to the coffee and booze, lengthening their flavours and rounding them out,” says Michael Chiem, Bartender and Founder of PS40.

Single O and PS40 are serving their Bottoms Up! clarified milk punch at Single O Surry Hills and PS40 in the Sydney CBD respectively.

The recipe can be viewed HERE.

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