Single Origin Roasters Botany

The Mothership has landed in Botany, New South Wales.

Single Origin Roasters’ new coffee bar opened its doors on 25 July at its Roast Works roastery.

“The residents of Botany are blown away at having a new dedicated specialty coffee shop in the area,” says Owner Emma Cohen. “We felt this was a great way for people to see our roast works and the bigger picture of our technical operations, in addition to enjoying one of our deliciously prepared brews.”

It is the second site from Single Origin Roasters; their flagship coffee shop is the 10-year established Reservoir Street Surry Hills café. The new coffee bar has a view into the Roast Works, connecting customers to the roasting process with a view to the restored 1965 UG22 Probat named Eugene. “Our Botany space is centred around coffee theatre along an eight-metre concrete bar, slender seating and an all day food menu prepared at the bar,” says Head Barista Sean McManus.

The new venue is dubbed The Mothership, as it’s the company’s headquarters where regular training sessions, tastings and educational classes are held for clients and industry members.

The cupping lab is Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) certified to host Q Grader courses. Single Origin Roasters also hosts Cup of Excellence cuppings and offers brewing advice, demonstrations and tastings for the home coffee enthusiasts. “The Mothership embraces all things coffee about our business, from the green beans coming in from the port, to our roasters who produce the blends, to our baristas who serve our customers, and the barista training and coffee tastings we offer at this site,” says Emma.

True to its name, the company serves a wide variety of single origin coffees through its three-group La Marzocco PB, served as espresso, as well as specialty filter methods including clever coffee dripper, cold drip, and pour over.
“We offer access to all the best coffees at your fingertips. We’ve received lots of beautiful Kenyan and Burundi coffees of late. We’re big on featuring lots of superior micro lots and showcasing the work of small growers,” says Sean.

The popular Reservoir Blend that also features at the Surry Hills location will remain the house offering for milk-based coffees. “It really embodies our love for structured, bright, sophisticated coffees,” says Sean.

A feature blend of the month, which highlights the other three blends in Single Origins’ array of coffees, is also available. This venue has a home coffee focus with a wide range of fresh-roasted packs, tastings and brewing equipment available to encourage residents to try their own coffee brewing at home.

“We want to show everyone that it’s possible to make better tasting coffee at home,” says Sean. “There are so many options to do that, whether it’s through trying a filter or taking our Reservoir Blend home and experimenting with that on a machine.”
It’s also pretty handy to know the new coffee bar is just seven minutes from the domestic terminal at Sydney airport.

For the busy travellers, Single Origin Roasters has developed The Tarmac Pack, comprising of a coffee and the house-cured bacon and egg roll to go. An all-day menu is prepared in front of customers at the bar with the opportunity to engage with the staff. Botany’s Head Chef Gaspar Tse prepares a great banana bread with espresso butter, the signature Mothership breakfast featuring house-made lamb merguez sausages, and slow-cooked eggs at 62.5°C. There’s also the Roast Works Burger with grain fed beef, iceberg lettuce, smoked chili mayo and spiced pineapple chutney.

“Trust me, pineapple haters will be converted,” says Emma. “The mastery we have for our coffee is also brought into our food.” 

With so much to offer Emma invites everyone to come visit the new venue so the team can offer a “big hello – Single O style”.

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