Single Origin Roasters makes official name change to Single O

From the end of September, Single Origin Roasters will be no longer.

But don’t worry, it’s not what you think. Single Origin Roasters will be formally changing its name to Single O.

“Café customers called us ‘Single O’ years back, and in the Aussie tradition of shortening names, we came to use the abbreviated name for everything from answering phones to social media handles, so it’s good to be making it official,” says Single O’s Claire Brill.

Single O’s Dion Cohen says ‘Single origin’ was a rarely used term in Sydney when the company opened in 2003 with its roaster in their Reservoir Street cafe in Surry Hills.

“It captured what we set out to do – tell a crop to cup story – so we built our name on it as Single Origin Roasters,” he says.

Dion says the term “single origin” then became more commonplace, in both coffee and other industries such as wine and cheese.

“It was great to see more people focusing on origin, and it’s nice to think that we helped make the term a thing in Australia,” he says.

The company’s logo is hand-lettered by artist Georgia Hill, who worked with Single O on their 1-kilogram coffee bag ‘Random Acts of Art’ project.

It’s additional ‘Single O’ mark, a single, underlined O will remain part of the company’s identity too.

“As always we’re not into big logos and showy branding. It’s the same vibe, just now as Single O,” Dion says.

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