Single Rosetta

The Sydney suburb of Haberfield has their first taste of specialty coffee now that Single Rosetta has set up shop.

“We wanted to offer the area something different. Because of the strong Italian presence in this district, there hasn’t been any specialty coffee shops until now. We wanted to give the local residents something different to try, and so far everyone who’s stopped by loves what we’re doing,” says Ian Pope, Campos Coffee Wholesale Account Manager.

Single Rosetta is run by Bruce Kim, who Ian describes as a “passionate, eccentric and a fantastic barista”, who has been working in the coffee industry for more than six years.

The café uses Campos Coffee’s Superior blend; a typical northern-Italian style blend, which suits the area perfectly. The coffee has a toffee base with slight fruity highlights, rich body and a sweet butterscotch finish.

Bruce puts his years of experience to the test on their three-group La Marzocco Linea FB70. The machine is custom-sprayed in pearl white to meet the practical café interior, with its clean lines, use of natural timbers and quirky stool prints.

A single origin is also available and is usually a Cup of Excellence coffee. Past favourites include the Papua New Guinea’s Baroida Estate in the Eastern Highlands, and lot no. 12 Costa Rican Zamora, located at San Isidro de Heredia, the Central Valley coffee region.

Cold drip is always available. “There’s a huge cry for specialty coffee in Haberfield, especially from the younger generation who are passionate about great coffee,” says Ian.
The café serves pastries, breads and jams from local suppliers. A simple menu serves paninis and breakfast dishes, with the famous lemon butter cake and banana bread a hit with locals. A courtyard at the back of the café is an ideal place to enjoy the summer sun.

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