Six leading coffee companies share sustainable progress in GCP report

Global Coffee Platform

JDE Peet’s, Melitta Group, Nestlé, Strauss Coffee, Supracafé, and Tesco have shared their progress with sustainability in the new Global Coffee Platform (GCP) Snapshot 2019 & 2020 report.

The report provides a snapshot of each company’s sustainable coffee purchases over the course of 2019 and 2020. Designed to reflect the sustainable efforts being made by GCP Roaster and Retailer Members, GCP also aims to provide new data for the coffee sector.

Annette Pensel, Executive Director of GCP says, “The GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases enables roasters and retailers to demonstrate leadership on progress towards transitioning the entire coffee market to sustainable sourcing from diverse origins.”

Snapshot 2019 & 2020 is part of GCP’s efforts to increase collective reporting and includes new participating GCP members, novel reporting features, and increased sustainability schemes that increases members ability to report, under the GCP Baseline Coffee Code.

The report found that there was an increased share of sustainable coffee purchases, as reported by the GCP Members in 2019, where 41 per cent of total coffee purchased was green, increasing from 15 per cent in 2018. A further increase was found in 2020 where members reported that 48 per cent of total coffee purchased was green.

A breakdown of all participating roasters and retailers’ purchases is featured in the report, alongside the company’s sustainable coffee purchases, classified by sourcing region. GCP’s report also offers insight into origin diversity and shares of sustainable coffee purchased, according to the different GCP sustainability schemes.

“The aligned reporting is a powerful example of how GCP Members are cooperating to meet the coffee sustainability challenges,” says Pensel.

GCP seeks to increase demand and supply for sustainable coffee and to diversify origins as a means to positively impact the coffee farmer and their communities.

By coordinating efforts and using a common language, GCP believes those within the coffee sector will have a better understanding of the sustainability progress being made and the areas that still need improvement.

“In light of the urgent need to ramp up work towards the Sustainable Development Goals, we encourage roasters and retailers to increase their sustainable coffee purchasing and join this collective transparency effort to advance coffee sustainability,” Pensel says.

GCP Is a member-based organisation that encourages sustainable practices across the coffee supply chain. The company encourages all coffee roasters and retailers to join its collective reporting to increase sector transparency and increase sustainable strategies for sourcing coffee from different origins.

Reporting for 2021 will begin December 2020. For information on the 2019/20 report, please click here.

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