Slayer launches new steam machine

Slayer Espresso went to Dublin’s World of Coffee event to launch its new Slayer Steam, and left the expo with the Best New Product of the Show Award in the Professional Espresso Machine category.

Slayer Steam presents one of the first modern espresso machine developments to focus on milk. Patent-pending technology, dubbed the Vaporizer, creates dry steam at custom temperatures, enabling coffee professionals to improve milk flavour and texture. World of Coffee guests at the Slayer stand engaged in taste tests which offered the opportunity to test Slayer’s claims about improved sweetness and creaminess.

Slayer Research and Development partnered with professional baristas to design the ergonomics, reimagining user interface, steam actuation, accent materials, and cord management. Espresso extraction is managed through customised volumetrics, increasing efficiency and consistency.

At the point of barista interaction, steam is throttled with Accu-Flow technology with four programmable steam flow presets. These features couple with customised volumetrics for espresso extraction, are programmed in a new digital Barista Dashboard. Throttled flow improves control when preparing small volumes of milk for drinks like macchiatos and cortados, whereas 100 per cent flow may be the best setting for lattes. These settings also allow for fine-tuning of dairy substitutes.

Slayer Steam focuses on designing the ideal workflow and ergonomics, with the ultimate goal of steadfast performance in an arduous work environment.

This machine will be available in 2-group and 3-group models, which feature powder-coated body panels in four colours.

Following its public debut in Dublin, social media channels were ablaze with excitement. Through various media, including new discussion threads on popular forums, Slayer connected with thousands of new followers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, with conversation topics frequently revolving around a previously unspoken topic, steaming milk.

Slayer Espresso manufactures hand-crafted espresso machines in Seattle, Washington, United States.

For more information visit or Australia distributor Coffee Works Express, with ETA late 2016.

Images: (top). Slayer Steam 3-Group in Galaxy Black with mirror-polished wings. (Bottom) Accu-Flow Steam Actuator made with Dura-Tex handle and digital Barista Dashboard in background.

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