Slayer Steam

The Slayer Steam made its debut at the World of Coffee event and won the Best New Product of the Show Award in the Professional Espresso Machine category.

Slayer Steam presents one of the first modern espresso machine developments to focus on milk. Patent-pending technology dubbed the Vaporizer creates dry steam at custom temperatures, enabling coffee professionals to improve milk flavour and texture. At the point of barista interaction, steam is throttled with Accu-Flow technology with four programmable steam flow presets. These features coupled with customised volumetrics for espresso extraction are programmed in a new digital Barista Dashboard.

Throttled flow improves control when preparing small volumes of milk for drinks such as macchiatos, whereas 100 per cent flow may be the best setting for lattes.

This machine is available in two-group and three-group models, which feature powder-coated body panels in four colours.

For more information contact Coffee Works Express or visit ETA late 2016.

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