Son of a Baker

Son of a baker

Located in Botany Bay with a waterside view, Son of a Baker’s Co-owners watch the sunrise every day as they craft delicious handmade pastries.

Marcus Gorge, former Owner of Local MBassy in Ultimo and Chimichurri in Chatswood, partnered with an actual baker’s son, Roman Urosevski, to launch Son of a Baker earlier this year.

“People are constantly looking to try something new,” Marcus says. “I like to use ingredients everyone is familiar with but with a twist of my own.”

Son of a Baker’s specialty is its burek, a handmade Macedonian pastry that Marcus says not many people even know how to make anymore.

They also make and serve croissants, cruffins and cronuts, often in unique and interesting ways.

“We’ve got a Lobster Tail Benedict that’s served on a freshly-baked croissant. I don’t think anyone else in Australia has anything like it,” Marcus says.

To accompany its daily-made pastries, Son of a Baker serves Zest Specialty Coffee’s Blackbird blend, which includes tasting notes of English toffee, apricot, caramelised orange and malt chocolate.

“I first used Zest at Chimichurri,” Marcus says. “They’ve been really helpful, if I’ve ever needed anything Darren Stinson (Zest Coffee Consultant) has been there for me.

They’re one of the best at the moment because they’re quality control is much higher. Rather than roasting 100 kilograms at a time, [Zest] roast 25 kilograms, which makes it a lot easier to control the quality, roasting, heat and temperature.”

Marcus believes his extensive background in hospitality has also given Son of a Baker an edge when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

“Coming from a fine dining background really gives you an eye for detail,” he says. “Even to the smallest detail, from cutlery being placed correctly to flowers on the table always being fresh, people notice these things and they do appreciate it.”

Looking to the future, Son of a Baker hopes to spread its brand and share its pastries across a wider market.Son of a Baker

The café has already opened a second location at Miranda Westfield in Sydney. Son of a Baker transports its handmade pastries from the San Souci café to the kiosk every morning.

“We are working on developing a franchise model, where Son of a Baker will be replicated across Westfields,” Marcus says. “Those will spread across Sydney and in 2020 we’re hoping to expand to Melbourne.”

Son of a Baker will open a new location in Botany towards the end of October.

Son of a Baker

301 The Grand Parade,

Sans Souci, New South Wales 2219

Open seven days, 6am until 4pm

(02) 9529 3335

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