Spiral Foods partners with Great Wrap

Spiral Foods

Spiral Foods, an Australian supplier and distributor of quality beverages and traditional foods, has partnered with material science company Great Wrap to introduce compostable pallet wrap into its supply chain.

“Using a product like Great Wrap just fits in with what we are trying to do at Spiral Foods. We want our products to be as natural as possible and our packaging to be as sustainable as possible, so using a compostable pallet wrap is another piece of our puzzle,” says Spiral Foods Marketing Director Raphaelle Wilson.

“We love what Great Wrap is doing. Pallet wrap has been such a sticking point for so many companies, so this is a fantastic solution to that problem.”

Spiral Foods sends and receives thousands of pallets each year and were witnessing the huge amount of landfill waste from every pallet. Raphaelle says the company was an early adopter of Great Wrap and with its strong company focus on organics and whole foods, are now leading the way in the food and beverage industry.

“We send out pallets of products both nationally and internationally. We send a lot — definitely in the tens of thousands each year. A strong and reliable pallet wrap is a non-negotiable,” says Raphaelle.

For more information, visit www.bonsoy.com

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