St Ali Iced Coffee launches in Woolies

St Ali Iced Coffee

South Melbourne-based roaster St Ali has announced its Iced Coffee will be available in 410 Woolworths supermarkets Australia-wide from 25 May.

“This is exciting news for the Australian coffee community and coffee drinkers alike. We are one of the first to introduce an iced coffee using specialty coffee and fresh milk into supermarkets,” says Salvatore Malatesta, CEO of St. Ali.

“Arriving at the right coffee to milk ratio was a unique challenge for us, something we’ve been working on for the past year and a half. We had the knowledge to do it, but there are so many more considerations when working with fresh milk and producing an iced coffee product in large volumes. Thankfully through our partnership with Riverina Fresh we made it happen.”

The 300-millilitre Iced Coffee packaged in gable-top cartons contains St Ali’s Orthodox blend, combining Brazil and Colombia lots, with significantly less sugar compared to many other iced coffee products.

“From our years of experience as roasters, we know coffee, we know our flavours and we are confident the balance of 85 per cent coffee to fresh milk is spot on to allow the natural sweetness of the coffee and lactose from the milk to shine without needing to add high volumes of sugar,” Salvatore says.

“This Iced Coffee is a product for people who take coffee seriously.”

To promote the new launch, St Ali will unveil a marketing campaign including billboards in Melbourne and a full digital campaign in Sydney.

Salvatore says he’s eager to see the product reach new audiences, including Australia’s surfing community.

“We’ve learned from our customers, especially those up north and on the central coast, that they want a cold coffee product to suit the warmer climate. And for those who jump straight out of the surf, they’re looking for a refreshing, tasty cold coffee they can smash with their fish ‘n’ chips. We want them tasting the best cold coffee product available.”

St Ali’s Iced Coffee will launch in two varietals: Original with panela, and a No Added Sugar version. A third version will be added in July with the release of a Double Shot Iced Coffee.

In the months to follow, St Ali is set to release its Iced Coffee with dairy alternatives, including oat and almond milk.

In its third product release, St Ali will also pair its Iced Coffee with micro-dosing of nootropics and adaptogens.

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