St Remio announces World Coffee Day campaign to support Rwandan farmers

St Remio World Coffee Day

For World Coffee Day on 1 October, St Remio is launching a new initiative to raise even more funds for the female farming community of Cocagi, Rwanda.

The capsule brand will donate an additional 50 cents from every box of compatible capsules sold at all Coles Stores nationally – from its Nespresso-compatible industrial compostable and biodegradable range, as well as its Express and Caffitaly ranges – directly to support and empower the female farmers of Cocagi Femme.

It will also run this program online for the day. Alongside the 50 cents from all compatible capsules sold via the online store, St Remio will donate $1 from all beans and ground coffee sold to the cause as well.

St Remio says we all enjoy coffee, but we often take it for granted and don’t think about the impact that one cup of coffee has on people’s lives. It adds telling the people’s story and highlighting the importance of the grower is fundamental to the brand.

With 75 per cent of the world’s coffee growers being female, St Remio aims to empower this community not only through the sourcing of sustainable coffee, but through additional initiatives each year to give back and support coffee growing communities at the source.

Each year St Remio funds a project to support a coffee growing community at origin.

This year, it is continuing our support of the female farming co-operative of Cocagi in West Rwanda. Last year, St Remio purchased four hectares and 12,000 coffee plants on their behalf to double their output. However, severe weather and COVID-19 did now allow the community to see this project to full fruition.

To ensure this project’s success, St Remio had committed to supporting this community again, donating funds to help establish a plant nursery, buy additional coffee seedlings and another two hectares of land to again increase the footprint and their production capacity.

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