St Remio launches dual compatible capsules at Coles

St Remio has unveiled a new range of capsules compatible with two different proprietary systems, K-fee and Caffitaly.

It is the first time a national retailer has opened up these two closed systems, introducing a compatible capsule that allows consumers to buy coffee capsules for these machines outside of Aldi and Woolworths stores.

St Remio Founder Trent Knox created the brand after spending time in the coffee fields of Rwanda.

“I have been involved in coffee for over 10 years and this was the first time I was challenged to really think about the people behind coffee. The farmers. The communities. The families. It was in that moment that St Remio was born,” Trent says.

St Remio are partnered with social enterprise Sustainable Harvest, who currently work with the female farming community of Rwanda to empower and teach them leading farming practices.

“After the genocide killed close to one million men, the women had no choice but to run the coffee plantations with little or no education or experience. Despite the tragedy they had already faced, they stood side by side working towards a common goal which was to provide for their families,” Trent says.

We are proud of our partnership with Sustainable Harvest and are excited by the legacy we are creating with the support of you.”

St Remio has launched the capsules in four blends: intense, strong, classic and decaf. Boxes of 10 are available at Coles now for $3.75 each.

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