St Remio to be new official coffee partner of Victoria Racing Club

St Remio

St Remio has announced its three-year deal with the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) as the exclusive on-course coffee partner.

“To be the coffee sponsor of the VRC allows us to engage with new consumers and share our story. A great cup of coffee is one thing, but a great cup with purpose is another,” says St Remio Co-Founder Trent Knox.

VRC Chief Executive Officer Steve Rosich says St Remio coffee will not only supply quality machines and beans, but every cup that is poured at Flemington will contribute to supporting female farmers in Rwanda.

“From a quick espresso on the famous Flemington Front Lawn, to savouring a cappuccino in The Bakery, to an espresso martini on The Roof Garden, this is an exciting new partnership for our customers,” says Rosich.

“It is also a partnership that aligns with our corporate social responsibility strategy, including our commitment to sustainability and community engagement.”

The VRC’s sustainability strategy includes Venue Presentation Partner Cirka which collects and estimated 1.5 tonnes of used coffee grounds over the Melbourne Cup Carnival as part of the organics waste stream and turns it into compost that makes its way back to Flemington’s famous grounds.

“It’s so important that we educate consumers on sustainable coffee and how their choice can have a positive impact on the lives of coffee growers,” St Remio Co-Founder Julia Tink says.

“For years it’s always been about brand before people, but we want to turn that on its head. Coffee is about people, and we need to ensure that we are investing in these communities, paying a fair price for coffee and allowing coffee farmers to thrive. In doing so, we are investing in the future of coffee and allowing the growers to feel like a valued part of the supply chain. For years, they have been the forgotten and that conversation has to change.”

Since their inception, St Remio has gone on to fund multiple projects in Rwanda including the build of a Cupping Lab in the Kyonza province, purchased six hectares of land, 30,000 coffee trees, training, a plant nursery, land preparation and funded the salary of an agronomist for ongoing support and education for the female cooperative of Cocagi, Rwanda.

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