Stagg EKG

San Francisco-based company Fellow has launched the new Stagg EKG via Kickstarter, an electric version of its Stagg Stovetop.

The new two versions of Stagg include a electric kettle – the Stagg EKG, and a more precise version EKG+, which includes Bluetooth technology and connectivity with other coffee products.
Fellow says it knows how important good design and quality products are to consumers, especially in when it comes to the kitchen. Most are the heart of the home, and in the creation of this latest model, Fellow took care to create a highly functional and elegant object that is designed to live out on the counter proudly, for frequent use.

The shape of the handle has stayed the same as Fellow’s other kettles, but has increased the height and overall proportions of the EKG, as well as designing a new lid.

The goal was to both reduce visual clutter in an already cluttered environment, as well as elevate the kettle and present it as sculpture on the counter.

In terms of function, Fellow says it knows that dialing in a precise water temperature is a crucial part of unlocking the flavours and aromas from any coffee or tea, so it gave the base a perfectly proportioned temperature adjustment wheel that disappears, lowering flush to the surface, when not in use.

The temperature wheel on the front right on the base is balanced by a discrete and essential display on the front left, so users can easily control temperature.

Fellow has stripped away all unnecessary details leaving only the forms and functions users truly care about. When the Stagg EKG is turned on, the base comes to life, and when it’s off, it remains quiet, minimal and elegant in any environment.

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

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