Standing Room Only

Just as the name suggests, Standing Room Only in WA is a take-away, Italian-inspired coffee bar that’s big on coffee education and exciting brew methods.

“We’ve created a cool hang-out spot where people can relax and see coffee in a new way,” says barista Michael Munroe, son of owner Jamie Munroe. “We’re making it obvious and taking specialty coffee and throwing it in people’s faces, so to speak.”

Located in a shopping district, Michael says customers will know they’ve walked into a serious coffee outlet when they read the black board menu full of single origin descriptions and see no food items on offer.
Opened in april, Michael says the café has already received a warm response from the Perth community. “Perth is very underrated, not as big as the coffee scene in Melbourne or Sydney, but in terms of quality, we’re on the same level,” he says.

Customers can take a front-row seat, or rather, a close viewing position as Michael and his team of baristas work in their element, using an über boiler, pour overs, siphon, cold drip and multiple filters in an effort to educate the Perth customers about different brewing methods.

“We want Perth to see we’re different,” Michael says. “Perth is notorious for playing it safe, a lot of places don’t show what they love, they cater to the majority. But, we decided to stick to what we believe in and love, and people have come on board and are starting to appreciate our passion for coffee.”

Michael started his coffee career at a suburban café his parents operated when he was 16. After he finished school, he moved to Melbourne and worked at sensory Lab where he says coffee went from being “a job to a passion”. Ten months later, he went back to his home state of Perth to open his dream café.

Standing Room Only uses Five Senses coffee. Their house blend is called The Rock n Roller, a combination of Brazilian, Colombian and Ethiopian beans, with chocolate and citrus flavours.

The café uses a Vespa green synesso Hydra, a custom made four- group machine with wooden handles that blends with the 50s decor and checkered floor. The café supplies single origins from five senses and guest roasters to give their customers variety, including beans sourced from Proud Mary, Market Lane and sensory Lab.

“I love coming to work, especially when customers come in for the first time and experience something new,” Michael says.“I want to show people what they’ve been missing out on all these years.”

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