Sucafina North America acquires Sustainable Harvest

Sucafina North America

Sucafina North America, the United States subsidiary of the Sucafina Group, has acquired a 100 per cent stake in the equity shares of Sustainable Harvest, a green coffee importer based in Portland, Oregon.

“Sustainable Harvest is rededicating itself to its core mission to support producers and roasters with traceable, transparent trading,” says Sucafina North America Managing Director Jordan Hooper.

“With this acquisition, we are providing the stronger financial support they need to continue operating some of the most progressive sustainability initiatives in the industry, while maintaining their company independence and status as a B Corporation.”

Jordan has appointed Kat Nolte Ferguson as Managing Director of Sustainable Harvest. David Griswold, founder and CEO of Sustainable Harvest, will transition to an innovation role with the global Sucafina Group and Jorge Cuevas will continue in his leadership role as Chief Coffee Officer at the company.

According to Sucafina North America, the new partnership will further drive sustainability and innovation across the entire industry by blending Sucafina’s breadth of impact with Sustainable Harvest’s depth of impact. Sucafina has proven experience across large networks of farmers. Sustainable Harvest’s more nimble approach is tied to specific local communities, farmers, and coffees.

Sustainable Harvest Chief Coffee Officer Jorge Cuevas says Sustainable Harvest will continue to innovate and challenge the traditional trading model by building traceable and transparent supply chains that fully integrate from end to end.

“Together with Sucafina, we will continue our commitment to serving coffee farmers and roasters. The relationship coffee model, producer partners, and customers remain at the heart of all we do,” Jorge says.

Founded in 1997, Sustainable Harvest imports specialty coffees from around the world with a focus on creating transparent relationships that increase value throughout the supply chain while fostering greater sustainability.

For more information, visit the Sucafina Group website.

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