Sunbeam study reveals consumer turn offs

On 1 October, Sunbeam, in collaboration with Lonergan Research, released a study revealing that 98 per cent of Australians have at least one pet peeve that ruins a coffee experience.

Topping the list is temperature at 65 per cent, burnt coffee at 58 per cent, strength at 56 per cent, foam inconsistencies at 39 per cent, and curdled soy milk at 27 per cent.

According to the research, Australians are impatient too. Two in five of the 501 people surveyed say a long wait makes for a bad coffee experience, with men, at 44 per cent, and Baby Boomers, at 45 per cent, being the least patient.

Published in line with International Coffee Day, the study says Australians consume 4.6 billion cups of café-style coffee – in and outside of the home – each year. Per person, that’s an average of 242 cups in one year.

Seventy-nine per cent of respondents say that they are unable to make a café style coffee at home. Nearly half, 47 per cent, attribute this to not having the right equipment, while a third, 32 per cent, simply don’t know how to make one.

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