Survey reveals what coffee drinkers would give up for their morning cup

Califia Farms

In a survey conducted earlier this year by Califia Farms, it was revealed that coffee drinkers would rather give up social media (22 per cent), TV (18 per cent), alcohol (16 per cent) and video games (4 per cent) than their morning cup.

The Californian plant-based company is celebrating International Coffee Day by releasing the findings from this new study, alongside coffee recipes and tips to create the perfect cup of coffee at home.

The study, which was conducted on 2000 American coffee drinkers, further discovered that one in four would prefer to go without coffee if their milk of preference wasn’t available. 39 per cent of survey takers also said that almond milk was their favourite variety, and 34 per cent saying oat milk was their choice of milk.

Fifty-nine per cent of survey takers reported that their coffee habits had been heavily disrupted by the pandemic, with 42 per cent reportedly trying to recreate their go-to coffee orders at home during the lockdowns.

Of the participants, one in three also admitted to trying their hand at latte art.

In support of this, Califia farms asked Adrian Duquilla of social media account The Naked Barista, on tips to make the best cup of coffee at home.

To do so, he recommends starting with the perfect extraction through following the roaster’s recipe recommendation before tweaking it to suite personal taste. Next Adrian says baristas should ensure they are grinding their coffee beans at their peak, with most roasters recommending between a week after roast date until four to five weeks.

“No one wants to taste stale beans,” he says. “Next, get your milk temperature perfect – no one likes blisters on their tongue so avoid coming in too hot.”

Adrian also recommends steaming or texturing the milk to perfection. He describes it as looking like wet paint and “not a bubble bath”. To achieve this consistency, he suggests using Califia Farms’ plant-based, dairy free Oat Barista Blend.

One coffee recipe that uses Califia Farms’ milk, is Erin Jensen’s Creamy Maple Oat Latte. The recipe calls for:

1 cup Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend
1 cup warmed up unsweetened pure black cold brew coffee (don’t boil it!)
2 tablespoons real maple syrup
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Combine ingredients in blender, then blend and taste. Add additional cinnamon or maple syrup, as desired. Pour into a favourite mug or keep cup and enjoy!

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