Swish Coffee Brewers

Swish Coffee Brewers opened its doors in December 2017 and made a strong impression on Perth’s corporate world before the city shut down for the holidays.

The venue is the second endeavour for Owner Christian Salerno, a barista of 15 years. 

“I learnt a lot from my first venue I ran from 2013 to 2014. I didn’t take risks and I did everything myself. This time I’ve trusted the process a bit more and done things the way I envisaged,” Christian says. “I want our customers to walk in feeling welcome and leave feeling happy knowing they got what they came for, and something more they didn’t expect.”

Christian has seen Perth’s café scene evolve and trends come and go, but says overall, the city’s coffee focus is moving forward.

“In my opinion, there has been this idea for some time now Perth needs to catch up to Melbourne and Sydney, but I really believe it’s taking its own path,” Christian says. “Being on the West Coast, the vibe is different, the lifestyle is different, the demographic is different, and I think this all contributes to the unique culture we’ve bred here.”

Swish Coffee Brewers is decked out in bright colours, stepping away from corporate clean and bordering on a “feminine palette”. Lots of plants and greenery have been added to create a relaxing, homey feel, or as Christian puts it, for customers to experience a “glass garden among the city’s concrete jungle”.

Swish Coffee Brewers serves Veneziano Coffee’s Estate blend for its milk-based coffees, Veneziano’s Bella blend for short ratio milk and black coffees. It’s also about to launch a range of Veneziano-sourced single origins for filter options.

“I really value Veneziano’s service and my relationships with them. The coffee itself is always of high quality and consistent,” Christian says. “It’s a brand new partnership for me. It’s always a risk working with someone new, but Veneziano’s quality speaks for itself. It was an easy decision. I tasted its coffee and loved it straight away.”

The café’s brew bar features a three-group La Marzocco Linea PB, two Nuova Simonelli Mythos grinders, and one Mahlkönig EK43. Christian says in the past two years he’s found customers to be increasingly curious about brew methods such as the Moccamaster, V60 pour over, cold brew, but it’s batch brew he’s found to be an office worker’s “essential”.

All food is baked in-house, with a range of baked sweets, pastries, and savoury items available, and a light brunch menu to satisfy any hunger.

Since Christian left high school he has continued his passion for hospitality, but says it’s the evolution he treasures most.

“I love the interaction I have with my customers, the staff, the team, and the energy it creates. If everyone’s happy, then I’m happy,” he says. “It’s an exciting industry and hopefully it will remain that way for years to come.”

111 St. Georges Tce,
Perth, Western Australia, 6000
Open Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm

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