Syncfo 4 in 1 Coffee Analyser makes replicable roasts easy

Syncfo 4 in 1 Coffee Analyser

The Syncfo 4 in 1 Coffee Analyser combines four functions in one small package, making it easier for roasters to achieve replicable roasts.

Ask any coffee roaster their main goal and almost all will tell you that it’s consistency.

But developing a roast profile that’s replicable can be difficult, especially if you don’t know every possible detail of the bean pre- and post-roast.

This usually means roasters will need several pieces of expensive equipment to capture everything from moisture and density of the green bean to its colour score and temperature after roasting. However, Barista Group General Manager Joe Chalhoub says this data analysis can all be done with one small machine, thanks to the Syncfo 4 in 1 Coffee Analyser.

“The Syncfo is really the first product in the world that combines these four functions, providing precision analysis and measurements of moisture, density, temperature, and even colour,” Joe says.

“If a roaster likes the way their coffee is tasting, these objective numbers create a winning formula and will improve the overall roasting methodology.”

Joe says it’s particularly beneficial for roasters who are just starting out and still need to develop multiple profiles.

“Roasting is a rabbit hole. It gets very tricky and there are so many variables to control,” he says.

“If they don’t know measurements like bean density, they’re basically roasting blind. Other factors like moisture – generally speaking nine to 12 per cent is optimal – can vary from one month to another due to packaging and handling, so roasters need to adjust accordingly. Syncfo enables new roasters to build their knowledge bit by bit.”

At a lightweight 2.3 kilograms and featuring a magnetic charger, the Syncfo is portable and can be setup wherever is convenient, reducing the amount of time it takes to test coffee post-roast.

“Some roasteries are so huge they have to walk more than a hundred metres to measure a sample. Now they can do it anywhere at the roastery thanks to the mobile capability of the device,” Joe says.

“Usually, a colour analyser on its own is larger and heavier than the Syncfo and it only measures one thing. The Syncfo does more with a smaller footprint.”

A straightforward user interface means the analyser is also easy for anyone to operate.

“You just need to select a function, insert the sample, and it gives you an immediate reading. It’s very straightforward and doesn’t need time to warm up,” Joe says.

Roasters are not the only target market for the Syncfo. The unit Syncfo Professional version is able to analyse coffee dry cherry, parchment, green bean, roasted, and ground forms. It is useful for producers, traders, and in research and development labs, coffee courses, or even specialty cafés that want to track the roasts they’re supplied.

For its functionality and contribution to coffee, the Syncfo analyser won the Best New Product award in the Technology category at World of Coffee 2019 in Germany. Joe says he – like the Best New Product award judges – is excited for more roasters to discover what Syncfo can do.

“If a roaster makes five profiles and profile number three works, it helps them to explore other origins with a similar density and moisture,” Joe says.

“We’re all striving for consistency in this industry. Replicating a roast can be tricky but knowing these factors will help.”

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Barista Group is the Australian distributor of the Syncfo 4 in 1 Coffee Analyser. For more information, visit or call (02) 9896 4808

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