Starbucks traceability

Starbucks takes huge step in traceability

Starbucks’ new Digital Traceability tool transforms each bag of coffee beans into a digital passport, launching coffee drinkers on a virtual expedition to meet farmers, roasters, and baristas, and to explore coffee-growing regions around the world.
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Bluestone Lane iced coffee

Bluestone Lane brings Australian iced coffee to the US

American coffee chain Bluestone Lane, owned by Australian Nick Stone has launched a new ready-to-drink (RTD) iced coffee and cold brew line. Since opening its first café in New York City in 2013, Bluestone Lane has grown to 45 coffee shop and café locations across seven markets. With the launch of its Australian Iced Coffee and Cold Brew with a Dash product lines, Bluestone Lane says it will now reach consumers United States-wide.
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Bellwether Coffee

Bellwether Coffee raises nearly $60M funding for electric roaster

The United States-based Bellwether Coffee has closed a US$40 million (about $58.67 million) Series B funding round led by DBL Partners and brothers Lyndon and Peter Rive. Additional participating investors include FusionX, Congruent Ventures, Coffee Bell, Tandem Capital, Spindrift Equities, XN Ventures, Balius Partners, and Hardware Club.
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Campos Coffee partners with Vans Park Series, releases limited-edition blend

Campos Coffee has announced an exclusive partnership with the Vans Park Series park-terrain skateboarding championship. To celebrate the partnership, Campos Coffee will release a specially roasted Vans Park Series blend in a limited-edition bag featuring the 2019 series artwork designed by artist Ben Horton. Horton’s artwork will also feature on a limited-edition MiiR camping mug, both available in Australian through the website.
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Specialty Coffee Expo

Boston Strong: Specialty Coffee Expo 2019 wrap-up

The 31st Specialty Coffee Expo was a celebration of all things new, shiny and unique. BeanScene relives the show highlights as more than 14,000 guests attended the industry’s annual family reunion. Boston may be the most populous city of the Massachusetts state, but on the week of 9 April it could be argued it also hosted the most international guests. One only had to look at Airbnb and hotel booking websites to learn the city was brimming with visitors. Not only was the US city hosting the Boston Marathon that week, one of the world’s most iconic annual races, but the Specialty Coffee Expo, North America’s biggest coffee event and one of the most prominent fixtures on the global coffee calendar, was being held there too. 
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California coffee cancer warnings

California rules on Prop 65 coffee cancer warnings

The State of California has ruled to exempt coffee from Proposition 65 cancer warnings. Under Proposition 65, California law requires that products contain cancer warnings if they will expose consumers to chemicals that California health authorities have identified as causing cancer. Roasted coffee contains small amounts of the chemical acrylamide, leading Californian Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle to rule it must carry a cancer warning in May 2018.
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