Slayer releases the Steam LP

The Slayer Steam LP coffee machine combines an artisanal approach to crafting espresso with high-volume capacity. Like many musicians who release an extended play to test the waters before they drop a full-length album, Slayer Espresso has launched the Steam LP, the follow-up to its successful EP espresso machine.
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Slayer Espresso Steam LP

Slayer Espresso to launch the Steam LP in Australia

Slayer Espresso will host the New South Wales launch party for its latest model, the Steam LP espresso machine, at Haven Specialty Coffee in Surrey Hills on 22 August. The Steam LP is Slayer’s latest edition to the Steam Box Set, a collection of espresso machines that caters to every budget, volume, and brewing type. It was first unveiled at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, United States in April 2019.
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Arkadia Artisan Range

Arkadia's Chai Sticky Blend is made from 100 per cent pure Australian honey, the finest Ceylon loose leaf black tea, and natural ingredients for a distinctive, indulgent taste.
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