Lavazza Australia

Lavazza grants Australia special permission

Lavazza explains why the Australian market has been given a leave pass to make history with one of the world’s most precious and original sources of Arabica coffee. Imagine sitting in the inner sanctum of Lavazza’s decision-making room in Torino, Italy, with Giuseppe Lavazza pondering one of the biggest brand decisions the family company has ever made.  No country has ever been given permission to alter the roast profile of one Lavazza’s premium coffees outside of Italy, until now. That honour has gone to Australia.
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Slayer Espresso launches Steam EP

The way music is consumed has changed forever. First came vinyl records, then CDs, and online streaming platforms. These days, emerging artists release extended play records or EPs ahead of their debut album, and if they’re lucky to have a string of hits or best-selling albums, they release a box set, usually in time for Christmas. 
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Twumba Coffee wins returning Rwanda Cup of Excellence

Twumba Coffee has placed first in the 2018 Cup of Excellence (COE) in Rwanda, with a score of 90.53. Mayogi women’s cooperative from the northern province of Rwanda was the runner up, scoring 90.06. Neither of the top two washing stations had previously entered the competition.
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Lavazza chooses Australia for new product launch

Due to a growing demand for organic coffee, the Lavazza Group has selected Australia to be the first market in the world to launch its new Tierra bio-organic beans, a new product for the Tierra brand. Nielsen data reveals Australians are the highest consumers of organic coffee in terms of value share in the world, sitting at 12.8 per cent. Denmark comes close second at 11.6 per cent, Canada at 11 per cent, with the US trailing at 2.3 per cent.
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BioPak fights the war on waste with compostable packaging

Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s War on Waste has thrust Australia’s waste management crisis further into the spotlight, lifting the lid on the volume of food and organic waste that ends up in landfill. According to the episode that aired on 7 August, 60 per cent of household waste ends up in landfill. Media attention has influenced a rise in cup-only collections, but BioPak says this is a temporary fix to Australia’s waste problem.
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Mario Fernández, Technical Director at the Coffee Quality Institute

Toby’s Estate announces Mario Fernández as August Knowledge Talks speaker 

Toby’s Estate has announced that Mario Fernández, Technical Director at the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), will be the next Knowledge Talks speaker to tour Australia in August. Mario will present on processing methods, the role of microbial fermentation in the flavour creation of coffees, and will also delve into innovations around the development of cup characteristics through post-harvest processing. Through his role at CQI, Mario will also talk about how he constructs and supervises projects at origin and the challenges he experiences when creating new certification and education programs.
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Sydney Opera House joins #SydneyDoesntSuck campaign to ditch plastic straws 

To help fight the war on waste, the Sydney Opera House and Solotel Group’s Sydney Opera Bar has committed to ditching single-use plastic straws, saving 1.1 million straws each year.  All of the Opera House’s onsite restaurants will be plastic straw free by August 1, 2018, with straws only made available on request to patrons who specifically require them. The move is estimated to save more than two million straws each year across the precinct.
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Callebaut unveils new variety: Ruby RB1

Ruby RB1 is the first new variety of chocolate to be discovered in 80 years. The fourth type of chocolate, is the latest addition to the well-known milk, dark, and white chocolate categories. Callebaut chocolate is the first in the world to launch this new variety. The new chocolate’s sparkling ruby colour occurs naturally from the ruby cocoa bean, and surprises with intense fruitiness and fresh, sour notes.
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