Shinsaku Fukayama

2018 Australian Latte Art Champion Shinsaku Fukayama: the samurai barista

It’s been quite the year. I finally lived my dream of representing Australia at the World Latte Art Championships (WLAC) and the experience was everything I could have hoped for. I may not have won the title I went there to win, placing fourth instead, but I met so many amazing competitors from around the world and had the most incredible time. 
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Australian Latte Art Champion Shinsaku Fukayama offers top tips for aspiring baristas

With the Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) regional coffee championships about to get underway, 2018 ASCA Australian Latte Art Champion Shinsaku ‘Shin’ Fukayama has offered advice for this year’s competing baristas. “If you want to be a champion, practice every day,” Shin says. “I think consistency is the most important thing.” At a Lonely Planet latte art masterclass held at St Ali on 11 September, Shin demonstrated basic and advanced coffee patterns using Riverina Fresh milk and spoke to audience members about the key elements to becoming a talented latte artist.
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Australian Latte Art Champion Ben Morrow talks technique and tilt

Hey there. This edition I wanted to focus on equipment and technique. One of the things that helps with mastering any latte art is knowing the way that things happen, why they happen, and how to keep your equipment the same. I always stress to students about spout alignment. This determines the outcome of what happens on the surface of the drink.
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