New Zealand Barista Championship

NZSCA to hold array of events and educational courses

The New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association (NZSCA) has announced a range of educational courses and events to be carried out from October 2018 to February 2019. On 18 October, the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Guild (NZSCG) and 2017 Brewers Cup Finalist Sarah Stephen will Coffee Extraction Wellington, an interactive evening where the basic principles of coffee extraction will be explained. On 25 October, the NZSCG and Toasted Espresso hill host Water and Coffee Auckland, an education-focused event that explores how the makeup of our brewing water effects coffee extraction and flavour.
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Brittany Gunther of Grinders Coffee prepares for Coffee Masters – New York 2018

From 12 to 14 October, Coffee Masters – New York 2018 will see Brittany Gunther of Grinders Coffee represent Australia in the multi-disciplinary competition. This is Brittany’s second time competing in a Coffee Masters event, making the cut for Coffee Master – London 2017 last year. “I really enjoyed it the first time,” Brittany says. “It’s going to be interesting to see where my skills are at a year and a half later.”
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Australia to host seven regional AeroPress competitions

Event organisers have announced seven regional AeroPress competitions will take place across the country and conclude with the national championship in Melbourne on 19 September.   The first regional event will start on 27 July in Canberra at Red Brick Espresso and end in Perth at Laika Coffee Roasters & Micrology Coffee Roasters on 9 September.  “It was a tough decision this year, as we received a resounding amount of interest to host events in Australia, but we have our final list. We’re overjoyed to have a former Australian AeroPress Champion host in Adelaide, and for the first time in Perth, we have two hosts collaborating,” says event organisers.  Read More

Born to be Bodum

When Jørgen Bodum finished his business studies in Copenhagen, his mother set him an ultimatum: come work at the family company or sell it. That company was Bodum, a table and kitchenware company founded by Jørgen’s father Peter Bodum in 1944.
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