CafeSmart 2020

CafeSmart 2020 registration closes soon

The coffee community is set to reunite from 12 to 18 October with StreetSmart Australia’s annual CafeSmart campaign to help act against homelessness in the local community. Café registration closes 2 October.
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Campaign provides internet access to vulnerable children in the Alta Mogiana region during lockdown

Each year since 2008, GIMA (Intermunicipal Games for the Environment) has provided the children of the Alta Mogiana region in Brazil with an opportunity to learn about environmental responsibility. Hundreds of Year 5 students would travel to Bom Jesus farm and join the competition between participating towns. The activities they perform are related to sports, the environment, culture and community, here they develop values such as friendship, respect, excellence, bravery, inspiration, and equality. Prizes include push-bikes, soccer balls, and school supplies.
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Flooding and landslides devastate Nyabihu, Rwanda coffee farmers

On 7 May 2020, devastating rains, flooding, and heavy mudslides hit the Nyabihu District in northern Rwanda. Nyabihu is home to the families that produce the popular Shyira and Vunga coffees. Social coffee enterprise Raw Material is deeply saddened to report that 28 members of these communities lost their lives in the flood. Physical losses include at least 325 homes, livestock, coffee trees, and other crops. Vital community and utility infrastructure was destroyed, including 36 classrooms, 12 churches, a healthcare centre, the Vunga market, and electrical and water supplies.
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Gloria Jean's Coffees

Gloria Jean’s Coffees makes a good cup

Gloria Jean’s Coffees wants to make great coffee accessible to all Australians, and is doing so through its Good Cup philosophy. When Gloria Jean’s first arrived in Australia in the mid-90s, it brought with it robust coffees and darker roasts, and the goal of making good coffee accessible to all Australians. After more than 20 years of operation, Gloria Jean’s has seen Australians’ coffee preferences change and grow. To match the country’s evolving standards, the brand intends to revitalise its quality coffee, food, and service through its new Good Cup philosophy.
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Meet With A Poem on World Coffee Day

Julius Meinl is set to launch its annual Meet With A Poem campaign in cafés, restaurants and hotels globally on World Coffee Day, 1 October.  “We are proud to once again demonstrate the positive power of poetry through these creative initiatives,” Julius Meinl CEO Marcel Löffler says. “To have our café, restaurant and hotel partners throughout the world join us is fantastic, with the shared aim of providing coffee and tea drinkers a space in which they can reconnect with friends, share a moment and draw inspiration, with coffee serving as creative fuel.”
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